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Länge: 90 Min

Short Com -Comedy Kurzfilmproramm

The International short comedy film programme Short Com is delighted to makes it's international debut in Berlin at the Sputnik Kino on the 12th of September 20:00. Short Com selects the funniest comedy sketches and short films that guarantees to make audiences laugh. The 2019 Short Com programme consists of films from all around the globe, from live action to animation.  Short Com has been screening programmes for nearly ten years, growing it's reputation as one of the leading comedy film festivals in the UK. Short Com has screened in Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, London and was part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival for two years. We're super excited to come to Berlin to showcase the great work from emerging comedy film-making talent. For more information about Short Com, please visit www.shortcom.co.uk FB/ShortCom Die Kurzfilme: It's a Beautiful Day - Grince Town. 0.17 SCOTLAND Spokke 2.35 ENGLAND   Why So Sirius 14.58 CZECH Game Brain 1.55 ENGLAND Shoe Purse 2.52 ENGLAND Sam Did It 10.03 USA Little Monsters 4.32 ENGLAND Micro Love 18.59 USA Bottle Boy 2.10 ENGLAND One Second Everyday 4.47 ENGLAND Fire In Cardboard City 8.56 NEWZEALAND Insecurity Questions 5.00 ENGLAND Chasing Kesha 7.29 GREECE Lance Jazz's Office Workout 4.09 SCOTLAND All Stretched Out 3.33 ENGLAND